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New York Journal (Dec. 1965)

New York Journal (Dec. 1965) Jack O’Brian Column is featured first in it’s entirety- followed by an enlargement of O’Brian’s blurb about the Lion Maned Lada!

New York Journal Article -01

New York Journal Article -01

Tv Guide Hullabaloo Article

TV Guide ran an article about the Hullabaloo that heavily focused on Lada! The picture and article are shown in entirety followed by an enlargement of the conversation that writers David Newman and Robert Benton had with “The Screamer” Lada.

Hullabaloo TV Guide -01

Hullabaloo TV Guide -02

Hullabaloo TV Guide -036

Hullabaloo TV Guide -04

Lada Featured Fashion Article

Lada was featured in this fashion article which shows Lada going to the Beauty Salon at New York’s Hampshire House, and also modeling a Leo Narducci dress, and a jumpsuit made of chameleon cloth which could change color.

There'll Be Some Changes

There'll Be Some Changes - 02

There'll Be Some Changes - 03

Lada Hullabaloo Mod Threads

Lada kicking up her own Hullabaloo in these mod threads!

Hullabaloo threads

Mad Magazine

Lada wrote a letter to Mad Magazine( March 1964) about an amusing story that ocurred dring the fliming of For Those Who Think Young.

Mad Magazine Cover

Mad Magazine Article