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Out of It – Review from Time Magazine

Out of It understands the unique agonies of metropolitan adolescence. The reluctant hero of the piece, Paul (Barry Gordon), is a shy, bright kid trying to get through a particularly difficult mid-teen summer on Long Island. His parents have enough money, he gets to use the car and the speedboat, but he is still vaguely dissatisfied. The root of his trouble is hardly unique: girls. To him they seem frivolous yet desirable, brainless but captivating. They all appear to share one dominating characteristic: inaccessibility.

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Out of It – Review from TV Guide

Gordon, an introverted high school student, asks Edmund, a beautiful blonde cheerleader, for a date. They go to a performance of “Romeo and Juliet,” but Edmund fakes sickness and Gordon brings her back home only to discover that she has a date with tough, but dumb, footballer Voight. Rejected, Gordon turns to his eager friend Corbett, and the two of them go out.

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